The ability to reach your audiences simultaneously around the world is just a click away with Omega.  Omega combines creativity and the latest technology to broadcast your message.  Seeing and hearing a message live makes a powerful connection to your audience.   Omega’s webcast can incorporate live speakers, presentations, videos, graphics and music to really bring your message to life.  Imagine the possibilities of connecting with your audience face to face anywhere in the world in a conference room, a ballroom or even on their own mobile device.

Webcasts are an incredible affordable opportunity to connect with a small or large audience.  It puts a face with a name, engages your audience, simultaneously delivers information and shows the meaning or the emotion behind the message…Webcasts are the state of the art way to connect.

Omega Webcasts offer many different options to meet your needs:

  • Password Protected Webcasts
  • Secure Links
  • Desktop/Mobile Viewing
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Video On Demand 
  • Live switching between Live speakers, Presentation Slides, and Video
  • Staging, Lighting, and AV Support